Rising to the call


Are you really ready to step into your new life?  Are you ready to rise above? If you could do anything that you desired professionally and in your personal life; what would you do?

The order has been made….the universe has repeatedly tried to contact you and connect with you. Are you listening? Are you tuned into yourself? If we slow down….and take a long look at ourselves we will find the answers. The answers are not going to be obtained externally. All that you are hoping for and wishing for is already inside of you.

When we are ready to stop fighting with ourselves and everyone else and placing blame elsewhere we will discover our true selves. It is at that point when we are absolutely ready to “throw the towel in” and just “give up” or crawl under a rock” “hide from the world” that we discover the true essence of ourselves. It is just like that wise tale when the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly!

When you truly believe that you have reached rock bottom it usually at that point that you will begin to “rise to your call” “shine your light” “awaken”. Call it whatever you wish but it is when you begin to see yourself as the Universe has always seen you. You are a divine being who has much to offer. You simply need to tap into your soul. There is no magic pixie dust or magic switch up in the sky that needs to be turned on. You need to tune in to yourself and stop trying to compete with others. Your competition is yourself and it is a harsh critic.

This new year of 2016 is packed with great energy for releasing many beliefs that have held you back for years. Things will now be much clearer and you will be amazed by how much you will accomplish in this year. It’s almost as if you are seeing yourself for the first time if you let go of the past. It is time to let go of past judgments and issues. It’s time to release all those grudges that you have been holding for years!  This truly is the time to “step up and into your own light”. You are special and need to come out of hiding. The past several years were preparation for this 2016 and I hope you are ready to manifest all that you have ever wanted.

It is a wonderful time for collaboration and at the same time is a time to define “who you really are” to the world. We are all at our peak when we can rise and shine individually showcasing our talents and then come together as one collective force. Everyone has their own storm that they are coming through…..and deserves to be happy now.  We have all endured our own storms but we can live together and celebrate one other! We are all shining stars and can rise above our individual storms to lift this universe to new ways of existing. We have the capacity to accomplish so much together when we collaborate. It is possible and can be achieved if we believe! It’s time to stop resisting your natural tendencies…no more excuses for being who you really are.

2016 is bringing all of us an opportunity to work in new ways and forget about the old way of doing business as usual. If we are receptive to one another we can learn a lot from each other. Everyone is gifted and has a place to shine. First you must believe in yourself and release any guilt. Everyone is here for a reason and purpose and some of us like myself are here to help others along their journey and lift souls up. Don’t feel as though you have to make excuses anymore for not wanting to be in a certain type of job, relationship, etc. This is what 2016 is all about…finding out who you truly are and being the best soul you can be. It’s about standing up and finally taking your place in the world. No more sitting in the corner and waiting for things to happen and someone telling you it’s o.k. This year’s theme is “unapologetic”. It’s ok to say no to anyone if something does not resonate with you. Just move on…you don’t have to be nasty about it just remove yourself…change your focus…reroute yourself….

So go ahead dig deep and look at yourself for the first time in a very long time. Who are you seeing? Do you even recognize that person? Are you tired of pretending to be someone else? Stop and take another look. Snap out of it and get it together..what are you waiting for? Another decade to go by?  This year you will experience synchronicity if you tap into your soul purpose. Things that you have been trying to manifest for years will now just fall into place. You are a magnificent soul and you are truly beautiful. Let 2016 be the year that multiple amazing things happen to you. Lets also remember that gratitude always brings us much joy and remembering to express it will expand your ability to attract more good into your life.

So I invite you to open your arms and spread your wings far and wide! Let’s see what you can achieve in 2016 and beyond. Stand up nice and tall and show everyone what your are really made of. 🙂 You can do amazing things this year if you try!

When you allow yourself to fully expand and shine your own light….you will become a beacon of light to attract others into your tribe! Shine on baby….

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Love and light to you ~

Lady M


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