Hello my name is Michele Portlock, RMT. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Coach, Empath & Lightworker.

Greetings and welcome to your safe haven at REIK 4 SOUL! I am blessed to have just celebrated my 10 YEAR anniversary last month of being a Reiki Master Teacher… AMAZING how time just stand stills and accelerates at the same time.

I am still so grateful for finding reiki 10 years ago by default. I continue to practice daily self reiki which is critical in my practice to keep me centered and things flowing. It’s important so that I can be the best version of myself to provide assistance to you. I wholeheartedly believe that there is a genuine need for all souls to feel free of emotional, phsyical and spiritual pain. Reiki is simple, beautiful, loving and invasive energy that can benefit everyone. For many years my sole focus had been on my reiki practice but that changed a few years ago when I integrated intuitive coaching. This allowed me to add another layer to my solid foundation to create an even deeper level to my practice with “full circle healing“.

I will always be “The Reiki Lady” or to some who know me as “Lady M”. My reiki practice is very dear to me and it will remain the foundation of my practice.  I continue to encourage, inspire and assist my clients, friends and family to grow and spread their wings far and wide to allow them to share their unique gifts with the world.  By integrating intuitive coaching as another layer to my solid foundation which creates an even deeper level to my practice.

Providing intuitive coaching sessions allows me the opportunity to continue to assist you while identifying underlying patterns in your life and removing obstacles. It is a partnership and I am here to assist you on your wellness journey…. My role always is that of a “tour guide” that assists you on your journey but by continuing to use my intuitive gifts at a greater level.  I hope to restore the natural flow of enegy and balane into yout life naturally by partnering with you. Healing comes from within and is possible when you begin to release your fears and allow yourself to examine the root cause of the problem. My true desire continues to be to provide healing for mind, body and soul to as many souls as I can.  My greatest joy comes from seeing the transformation in people from pain, stress, anxiety and frustration into sheer happiness, peace and comfort. Restoration and balance are paramount for you to sustain healthy living! My goal is to make you shine your brightest and live in a state of joy by partnering with you to do the work.

So that’s enough about me…How may I be of service to YOU? Come on in and let’s unleash your soul together!

I invite you inside to learn more about how I may be of assistance to you.  Click here to get all the information about the services that I offer. 



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