Renewal of self

A time of renewal

A time of renewal

Welcome to 2016…..

Now that we have turned the page to a New Year let’s take look at what we wish to achieve in this year….

But first should we take a look at what we didn’t achieve? Do you believe in setting resolutions? I personally do not subscribe to setting New Year’s Resolutions per se. Why? Quite simply I believe that “we can reset the timer” whenever we choose when we are looking to reinvent, renew, reflect, etc… I don’t believe that we are only capable of achieving things beginning on one particular day or time of the year.

Change is inevitable and is also necessary and can be a very good thing. A lot of people are set in their ways and believe that things must stay the same forever. The belief is that we should not “fix” something that is not broken. I personally subscribe to the model that if we do not allow for change in our lives then we cannot expand and grow. I truly believe that nothing stays the same forever. We must open ourselves up and create a habit of welcoming in new ideas every single day!

So in that regard.. yes I do agree with ushering in a New Year and releasing old stagnant energy so that we can allow for an exchange of energy. I just feel that we can do this a lot more frequently and whenever we choose not just New Years.

Everything is comprised of ENERGY and if we stay stuck in the same routine we are not open to receiving new things. We are not emitting positive energy because we are blocking potential new opportunities by restricting our exposure to such. We must trust ourselves more and have faith in our own intuition and beliefs. There is more to life than just going through the motions every day. We were meant to live in joy and LIVE not just SURVIVE every day.

You must not allow fear to take control of your life as it will create limiting beliefs for you. What happens is self doubt begins to creep in next to fear and then judgment enters into the picture as well.  When judgement creeps in you start criticizing yourself and lose faith. Next the cycle begins with you saying things like “Who am I to to a,b,c or d” or “I have no business doing this or that”. Well all that energy was put out there by yourself. The energy that you place upon limiting beliefs snowballs and then will begin to paralyze your growth and your psyche.

Keep your thoughts and beliefs positive and light. You do not need to have all the answers right now. It’s not about being a “know it all” but it is about you beginning to take steps toward your own beliefs and goals.  The days on the calendar are not a reflection of who you are and cannot define you. You can begin to make a change in your life any day of the week, month or year. You hold the keys to unleash all that you wish within yourself. You only need a little encouragement to do so.

When you begin to to set your intentions on a regular basis and focus on “staying in your lane” and not keeping up with the Jones’ you will open yourself up to creating the life you have always dreamed of.

We are all here to create an abundant life for ourselves. When I speak of abundance…… it can mean different things to different people. But what I believe is that when your heart is filled with an abundance of joy the rest will follow. So I challenge you to find your joy, and the make sure that every day you feed your joy. I challenge you to reflect upon what has brought you joy over the past few years, during your life. Then incorporate them regularly into your life. The smallest act can bring the greatest rewards.

It is a very personal process. What brings you joy may not be the same for what brings me joy. Create your space, live your life and find your joy. You have a blank canvas on this “New Year” to reinvent yourself. So I ask you “What will your canvas look like?” “What steps are you going to take?” “What makes your heart sing?” Reminder that it is not a race to the finish line. This is your journey, your life. You are in charge of your destiny and can choose to take the scenic route/country drive or stay stuck behind a truck with no direction going through the motions. The choice is up to you to take that brass ring and start cashing  in….

My greatest joy is assisting others on their personal journeys…..Here we go.

If you want assistance with opening up and creating your canvas then I am here to assist you. Reiki healing offers you assistance with removing any of those road blocks that have been lingering in your way. It can help remove the cobwebs and give you a new perspective on things and release all that stagnant ENERGY. Reiki helps to restore your physical body to relieve any pain. It also assists your emotional body with releasing any trauma, PTSD, anxiety and aids in restoring the natural balance of energy. The energy used in reiki works to naturally facilitate healing in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Allowing your bodies to release all toxins and negative emotions, etc is beneficial in beginning your new journey. Working to release any trauma, anxiety, depression and fear will create the balance that you need. When your are balanced you can live from a state of freedom within yourself and not be defensive, reactionary or jump to conclusions. You will have a sense of renewal and restoration and will live from a state of peace and joy.

I truly wish that you begin your New Year with the release of your fears and renewal of your soul.

We are the catalysts for everything that we desire in our lives. It’s time to invest in your journey to your renewal. Let’s get started now…I would be honored to be part of your journey! Welcome to 2016!


Lady M





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