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Hello There Everyone~

Here we are heading into the final quarter of 2014!  October is a wonderful time to reflect upon what we have accomplished during the year. That being said you do not need to “throw the towel” in on your goals. Now is the perfect time to propel yourself forward and finish strong!  Applaud yourself for all that you have already achieved thus far this year……October ushers us into the beautiful Fall season by bringing us vibrant colors…..think of all those colors on the trees, hearty plants in hues of maroon, orange……lots of rich, soulful food via pumpkins, squash and apples.

Let’s lighten up……..moods change with the seasons.  Every day we are presented with new opportunities to reinvent ourselves and recreate what we #desire and most all #CHANGE….In this first day of October take on the feeling of a sponge and soak up the beautiful new energy that descends upon us every minute of every day. Let your body engulf this energy and truly allow it to embrace your soul…….Allow this new feeling to give you the courage, stamina, freedom, support and whatever else you need to SHINE your light as bright as you desir. You ae never alone and you are always supported and most importantly loved!.

The choice is up to you how you wish to navigate through life.  The ball is always in your own court.  Are you going to go for it or are you going to run with it and SCORE!!!!  There is no one blocking you……don’t let fear hold you back…..it is not your friend. You are AMAZING! You are SPECTACULAR. Yes you….I’m am not pointing at the person behind you… I am talking to YOU 🙂 You are UNIQUE and you have gifts to share with all of us…..Your number is being called. Now is the time to get up and get moving!

Let’s get serious… How do you want to feel?  How do you want to spend your days?  If you don’t know the answers then who does?

It’s your scipt.. What do you want? How do you want to feel?  Let’s start that conversation……

I look forward to connecting with you more and sharing our feelings together!  I will be coming to you in new ways in the New Year and supporting all of your efforts to get clear on your feelings…..Until then let’s talk about how you want to feel….Thank you..Thank you…Thank you….for stopping an reading this. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Reiki4Soul and sign up for Newsletter here.

I will answer my own question.. I want to feel #Alive, #Divine, #Tranquil, #Authentic, #United.

Happy October….. Have a beautiful day…Love and light…


Lady M


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