My mission is always to partner with you on your wellness journey. I work with all of my clients to create their personal path to wellness by offering the following services so they can begin living a happy and healthy life! There is something here to benefit everyone.  The choice is up to you on how you wish to begin your wellness journey.

READ on and see where you would like to jump in with your wellness journey and REIKI 4 SOUL.  I look forward to partnering with you soon.  Together we will navigate your journey with the light touch of reiki and/or intuitive coaching to facilitate your healing for MIND, BODY and SOUL.




PRIVATE REIKI SESSION  – This session runs 60 min – (your initial session – typically runs 90 min). Session is in-person at one of my locations. For detailed infromation on what to expect in a reiki session go here.


REIKI CLINIC –   *** Wednesdays *** 

Are you still hesitant about reiki?  Would you just like an opportunity to “test drive” reiki?  If so then the Reiki Clinic is the perfect solution for you.

I am pleased to invite you to attend a bi-weekly Reiki Clinic. The Reiki Clinics are held on alternating Wednesdays.  The hours for the Clinic are 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Reservations are needed as spaces fill up quickly. These sessions are 1/2 hour in length. So book early and secure your spot!

For a reiki clinic appointment or regular session please contact me here at or call me at 781-228-1915.  These spaces fill up quickly and require advance booking. I want to ensure that everyone is getting what they need and recognize that no one should be denied sevices due to financial constraints….


My intutive gifts allow me to work wih you on an even deeper level with coaching. I partner with my cleints to discover what areas of their physical, emotional, spiritual or mental bodies are out of alignment. By helping you to identify patterns and beliefs that are not serving your highest purpose you can begin to live a joyful and healthy life as you were intended to. By combining reiki energy with my empathic and intuitive gifts I provide full circle healing. We are not here to suffer but are here to enjoy our lives living at our highest potential.

Your session can be either in peson or on the phone. During an intuitive coaching session we will be engaging in conversation and I will be providing you with guidance on how to inprove your overall well being. Because of my heightened gifts; I do not need to be in an altered state we are talking. Initial sessions can be longer or shorter based on each person’s needs. You will gain insight on the patterns that you currently keep repeating that are not working for you. You will receive support and guidance to allow you to make changes to live a peaceful life. The frequency for sessions is specific to each individual. As you start to feel a shift in how you respond to sessions your life will transform into what you have been striving for. This is truly a partnership and all conversations are completely confidential and conducted in a safe environment.

Sessions are tailored to provide you what you need but typically are (60) minutes. ________________________________________________________________________________________


This exclusive package will provide you with the jump start you need to begin your healing journey. It will nourish your soul and get you on the right track to restore your natural healthy state. You will enjoy one (1) in person full length (60 minute) reiki session and one (1) intuitive coaching session (60-minute).  By receiving your reiki healing session first and then creating your intentions you will be set up for success.

1 (one) full 60 minute reiki session 

1 (60) minute coaching  session 

Are you in? CONNECT to contact me and begin your healing journey!



The CIRCLE OF HEALING offers weekly distance healing sessions on a monthly basis. The new month begins on October 17, 2017 in honor of my Birthday.  I am excited to announce that I have revised this CIRCLE.  For complete details visit THE CIRCLE page on the site.

Membership is free and you will receive two distance healing sessions every month which begins on the, 17th of each month  from the comfort of your own home. Each session lasts 30 minutes and provides the same benefits as an in person session.

Just contact me to get REGISTERED and you are in and I will provide you with all the details. Reserve your place in the Circle now to begin receiving your healing this month.  Invest in your wellness journey and step into your life. See you in the CIRCLE OF HEALING.

This is a great way to keep your life balanced. Reiki healing provides many benefits to all.

                                                                          ~CANCELLATIONS ~

I make every effort to accomodate as many clients as I can which is why all appointments require scheduling in advance.

I understand that things come up in our lives so sometimes cancellations are necessary; but I require 24 hour notice for all cancellations. I consider your time to be very valuable as well as my own. If you are not able to make your appointment and do not provide 24 hour notice then you will still be charged for your appointment. You will not be refunded for any services that were a result of being a “no-show”.


I run my practice with a belief in a positive exchange of energy to keep things moving freely. I also beleive in karma wholeheartedly and hold myself accountable for all of my actions which is why I have a smooth running practice. I attract those souls who are ready to partner with me on their wellness journey. I am simply the catalyst for your healing and I am honored that you believe in me and trust me to journey with you.  Contact me and unleash your soul!

~Namaste ~


I look forward to working with you soon…Have a beautiful day….

                                                                   ~~ ~~


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