By now you are asking yourself “What is reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing experience that everyone can benefit from. It is a recognized form of alternative medicine and offered in many hospitals now.  It has been scientifically documented to help relieve stress and anxiety and also reduce pain. This can lead to the reduction of your intake of medications. It helps as well with insomnia and can relieve ailments created by illness and disease.  Another added bonus is that it can be helpful in increasing your natural energy level. It is an alternative form of healing that is safe for everyone.

Reiki is not something new as it has been around since the late 1800’s. As to the exact origin of reiki that is truly up for debate depending on what resources you have reviewed.  However one thing is undeniable; that Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926) who was from Japan introduced it in Japan (1922) and created a technique (Usui Reiki Method) that is widely used by many reiki practitioners today, including me.

The actual name “reiki” is devised of two Japanese characters “rei“(meaning unseen or spiritual) and”ki” (Chinese “qi” meaning energy). In English the words translate to universal life energy most easily. Pronounced “ray” as in ray of sunshine and “key”.

Reiki is 100% natural and does not involve the use of medications. It helps to remove toxins from the body naturally which can be the culprit for many health related issues and diseases. It is a non-invasive technique that is safe for all. It is completely safe to receive reiki treatments before, during and after medical procedures.  Many people receive reiki treatments to compliment their traditional medical treatment.

All examples posted are typical experiences from clients.  Please note that everyone is on their own unique wellness journey and your experiences will be specific to you.

So how exactly does reiki work and what happens during a session? Reiki practitioner’s use their bodies as channels for the energy to flow thru and reach the recipient.  A practitioner will lightly place their hands upon a person and the energy will begin to flow thru the practitioners hands.  The same can be done with hands raised above the body and the effects will be the same.  The hands are placed on the seven Chakra points and other key positions on the body to activate energy within your body.

The whole intent of reiki is to remove blockages that have accumulated within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When these blockages are removed from your body then the energy can flow freely and that is how your system is restored naturally.

The recipient is fully clothed during a session and will be lying on a table very similar to a massage table.  They will enter into a complete state of relaxation which is why people love reiki. A recipient may experience any of the following during a session:

  • warm sensations
  • cool sensations
  • tingling feeling
  • release of emotions
  • release of pain

A deep state of relaxation combined with a general feeling of well-being is usually the most noticeable effect of the treatment. Reiki continues to work through your system long after a reiki session has been completed. This is why people continue to come back for treatments because of the long lasting effects.   A recipient may not feel anything during a session but rest assured reiki is always at work and often the effects will incur a few days later.  It is an intelligent energy force and gets to the root source of the problems whether they are on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.  This is why reiki is not at all like putting a bandaid on a problem.

The Universe shall take credit for any healing that occurs.  I partner with the Universe in all healing as my body is used as a channel for the “life force energy” during sessions. It is the Universe that has created the energy and therefore the Universe is the “healer”.

Now back to why should you have reiki? Because reiki is good for everyone.  Would you like a sense of peace and overall calmness? Would you like extra help dealing with today’s challenges?  Would you like to remove emotional baggage? Would you like to reduce the intake of your medications and find some relief for your pain? Would you like to enhance your treatment you are receiving from your MD? Do you have trouble with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and would like some help with alleviating your symptoms? Reiki can help.

You do not need to experience physical ailments to gain the benefits of reiki.  It is good for everyone’s overall well being and health. Reiki is also useful for people who are healthy to continue their good health which is why I treat myself daily.

Reiki helps balance your mind, body and soul connection by restoring your natural flow of energy.  There is nothing that you need to do to prepare for a Reiki treatment. However there is one basic rule of reiki that must be adhered to. The Reiki Practitioner must have received permission to enter the recipient’s Aura. The recipient in turn must want to be well and most importantly must take control of their healing process. This is why many people never heal properly and will continue to be ill.

Reiki works to reduce both the exterior bodily symptoms and the deeper root causes to return your body to its natural state.

What is “long distance reiki” or “remote reiki?” Reiki can be performed from a distance (meaning the recipient is not physically in the presence of the practitioner). They are in their respective locations and the energy is sent.  This type of reiki is just as effective as an in-person session.  The energy is even stronger in a long distance session as the energy does not have to pass through the practitioner’s body to reach you. The practitioner sets the intention for the energy to be sent directly to the receiver by the UNIVERSE. Long distance reiki works very easily since all reiki occurs at the “astral” plane the energy can be sent from anywhere at any time to anyone.  There is no time difference at the astral plane which is why these sessions can be performed easily.  These types of sessions are extremely useful for everyone an especially for people with limited mobility and/or in a remote location.

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