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Warrior of DesireFlow

How many new beginnings do you think you have in a lifetime? Well I don’t know how many I personally have had but I do know that this doesn’t feel like a typical one. It feels like I am coming back to center.

I am offering you my own personal experience with the Desire Map and the reason why I am over the moon to bring this work to you starting in January. This post is not in any way a rant or rave. Quite the opposite it is more of a celebration! Lady M., a.k.a. “Warrior of Desire” sharing with my tribe without a filter.

I have been living in a state of complete freedom because I have been living based on my Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) since my life was transformed by reading the Desire Map Book. I have never felt so in control of my life by living from a state of not wishing to be in control of everything anymore.

My life now has so much clarity and I am laser focused on what works for me and what I will and will not do anymore.  I can say from the bottom of my soul that I am HAPPY and living now as the Warrior that I truly was born as.  I use the term “warrior” freely because I am a Blackfoot Indian and I have weathered many storms.  I had put myself in “survival mode” periodically during my life as I am certain many of you can also relate to.

I am sharing all of this in relation to my new venture. I hope you will like the new interactive platform here.  Lady M is no longer in a box and confined.  I have completely “Unleashed my soul!” I wish the same for you so you can live in a state of bliss like me. My life has shifted now that I have embraced my soul! My soul is on fire!

I have reclaimed my life by declaring how I want to feel and what I desire. I have created goals based on how I want to feel. This is the true essence of Desire Mapping. I invest in myself and my own feelings and how I want to live my life. By doing so I now have even richer relationships and I am living authentically. My Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) are Free, Fluid, Divine, Luxurious and Soulful!

By hiding your true feelings you are doing a disservice to yourself and others. They think everything is “fabulous” while you are just “sucking it up” and telling yourself to “just let it go” “it will pass”. What ensues is anger and resentment; then stress will begin to creep into the mix. All of these are no good for your mind, body and soul.

I am a soul who is navigating her way on her journey and looking to lift other souls up into the LIGHT as well.  I would be honored to lead you to “unleash your soul” as well and uncover your desires with goals that reflect who you really are and how you wish to live.

Speaking with my “Reiki Lady” hat on I will say that when you choose to look inward and put the focus back on yourself then you will bring joy back to your life.  The answers that we are looking for are always already within ourselves.  It truly is the honest to goodness truth.  It is not some mumbo jumbo.  You don’t have to navigate your way through life in a constant state of battle.

Speaking with my “Warrior of Desire” hat on you are capable of achieving so much more than you ever imagined. Everything that you desire is within your reach but first you must be able to declare what it is that you want. You can spend your entire life complaining, wishing, hoping, stressing and there will be plenty of people that will always be willing to commiserate with you. More than you can imagine. So the choice is up to you as always. You can continue living in a state of denial and chaos and spinning your wheels or you can choose to walk into a life that you can design yourself. My core desired feelings are Soulful, Free, Divine, Fluid and Luxurious. What will yours be?

I would be honored to lead you on that journey! If you feel any of this resonating with you then I invite you to please register for my first Desire Map Workshop in Back Bay on January 17th and create your goals with soul. This will be an intimate group within a sacred space. Go HERE for all the details. 

Blessings of love and light

Lady M

a.k.a. “The Warrior of Desire”


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