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All testimonials listed have been provided by clients at their own discretion. All experiences are unique to each person as reiki is a very personalized technique.  Each person will have their own personal experiences and I am not responsible for the outcome of any treatments as I am just a vessel that the reiki energy flows thru. Experiences will vary with different people as each of you are in control of your own wellness path. I am grateful to each person that has allowed me into their private world.  Namaste


I must admit, I used to be very skeptical about Reiki. After my first session with Michele about a year ago, I felt so much more relaxed and able to see life with new, clear eyes. She has also given long distance sessions to my father, who suffers from severe chronic pain. The relief and clarity that Reiki brings to my life cannot be matched by any other form of healing. Her professionalism and knowledge will only add to an already breathtaking experience. Thanks Michele!~ Barbara~Boston, MA


Dear Michele, I wanted to provide you with feedback about my Reiki experience.  After 4 distance treatments from you; I am amazed at my physical results that I got from MGH in Boston.  Having had eye damage from diabetes and being declared legally blind by a physician in Tennessee 5 years ago I was told recently that my vision is now better than 20/20.  I also have an arterial disease that effects my circulation in my legs and I have always experienced great pain at times; now my heartbeat is good in both feet according to a podiatrist at MGH. I have not been experiencing my usual pain in walking a long distance. Thank You!  ~ Meg, Boston, MA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am a 47 year old woman who has severe rheumatoid and physoriatic arthritis since I was 12 years of age. I have tried all sorts of medications from chemotherapy drugs to steroids to try to control this painful disease, and to no avail I have not found any relief from the severe daily pain until I found Reiki therapy through Ms. Portlock.  I had several “Long Distance” sessions, and could feel the results immediately after the first session. My whole body felt more energized and I had noticeably less pain! I.e.: just going up and down the stairs were very difficult for me, now I can easily go up and down stairs with no pain and can perform other simple daily tasks that I could not before the Reiki. However the approach of therapy with no toxic drugs is what really appealed to me as I could not tolerate allot of them and they did not help the pain. It could not have been more convenient to have the “long Distance” Reiki sessions as I have a very busy life with kids and my own business with no room to wiggle! Thank you Ms. Portlock for a life changing treatment! I would recommend Reiki to everyone! ~ Jennifer H. ~Sharon, CT ~


Dear Michele, As a Cancer Survivor, receiving the benefit of your remarkable healing gift was overwhelming. I have tried reiki once before without any effect and so I was skeptical.  Then I thought, what do I have to lose? From the moment I lay on the table, an inexplicable feeling of peace and relaxation overcame me.  You did not touch me physically, and yet my body felt warm.  Your energy was evident.  It was as if my whole physical body breathed out and all tension left me. My mind went to a peaceful place and I could truly feel my circulation improve.  Michele, yours is a genuine gift which you readily share with all in need.  Hopefully, I will be able to continue this benefit from a distance. There is no substitute Michele for your healing talent. Thank you so very much. ~Bobbie in Florida ~


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first Reiki session and it far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have a specific issue to address, but as a person who strives to live holistically, I wanted to add Reiki to my, “maintenance” regimen. I so struggle with chronic neck issues as I tend to carry all of stress in that region, so natural alternatives to relieve pain and stress are important to me.   Being unaware of how Reiki is administered, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I put my trust in Michele and really enjoyed the session.  I was incredibly relaxing and it ‘s clear that Michele is truly gifted. I know some people don’t like to be touched and for them, Reiki would be a wonderful alternative to a more hands-on approach to pain or stress management. I look forward to my next session with Michele! ~ J.C. ~ Boston


May the reiki continue to move through you and open up more space for joy, peace and love to enter into your life….Blessings to you of love and light. 🙂

~~ michele@reiki4soul.com ~~

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