Spread your wings during Pisces New Moon…..

Spread your wings!

Greetings…..as we prepare for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on Monday..

I’m here to provide a reminder to everyone including myself that me must consistently broaden our horizons and expand our minds to create the life that we want. As you know if you always do the same thing the same way you will never grow. We must continuously expand and grow and reinvent ourselves. We were meant to test ourselves, to create new limits and find unchartered waters.  We are here to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

What is the reason why I am bringing all of this up now? Well in another day we will be entering into a Pisces Solar Eclipse. Yes this Tuesday, March 8th we will begin a new phase of Pisces energy. This New Moon in Pisces can be a little tricky to navigate but you can prevail.  If you haven’t already started to feel a “tug of war” in some of your relationships…hold on …you will. During this phase we are going to experience a lot of old patterns and energies. Situations that you may have thought were resolved from a decade ago will attempt to resurface. Note I said that they will “attempt” to resurface. This is your time to finally make peace with them and stand your ground. You can do this because you are not the same person as you were back then. You are much stronger now and if you allow yourself to recognzie this….you will be able to step away and acknolwedge all of these old patterns and energies.

Think of all the work you have done on yourself…and don’t put those old shoes back on…Keep moving forward you can do this. If you haven’t done the work then now is the time to dive in and get started by acknowledging when something doesn’t feel right in your gut. When you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling compelled to do something that you ultimately feel you “have to do” or “should do” for someone else. Put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath in….then ask yourself “is this my issue” or is this “their issue?” You will continue to hear the same stories over and over….that’s why they are called “cycles”. Everything is all of your own free will. You can either choose to respond differently this time or get sucked back into the “cycle” with them again.

Don’t allow yourself to continue to take on other people’s problems…All that does is weigh you down over time. “Leave other people’s baggage in their house and at your door”. Detach and let it go.. If you have need to envision an “eject button” or draw a “circle of protection” around yourself; then so be it. Say to yourself “nothing can penetrate my circle of protection that does not serve my highest and greatest good.” Or see yourself pressing the switch on the eject button. Move on and continue on your own journey. This is not being hurtful…..you need to learn to respect yourself just as much as you respect others and have your own self worth…You cannot allow other people’s problems to consume you. There is no need to be nasty, hurtful or respectful to  another soul. This phase is al about claifying your tolerance and how you wish to relate to others. So there is no need to create chaos and making scenes; there will already be enough of those. Simply state your boundries and speak kindly to all…..tempers will be heightened with resistance with this Pisces New Moon…So be mindful…..It’s all about self preservation.

This can actually be a tremendously productive time for you as well if you allow yourself to forge on thru the old layers and continue to create your new world. Things will be alot easier if you set your intentions and hold your ground during this time. You will be able to manifest things that you never imagined you would be able to achieve if you find new ways to commuicate your feelings and desires….during this time.

As an empath, lightworker and highly intuitive soul; I expereince others people’s suffering, pain and  burdens all the time. However I do have a way to balance things out and release and let go. I am here to assist people on their journeys and I love what I do. I create the balance that I need to hold my vibration at it’s highest frequency which enables me to assist my clients with ease. I am able to live in a state of joy while doing so.

You are meant to live in a sheer state of bliss….find your joy….and make sure that you stay in your lane and in your zone. Create from that place of joy….You are here to share your gifts and spread your wings. Make it happen each and every day. Today is the day that you hold your ground and let the world see the “real you” and “your beautiful soul”…Do not let fear get in your way….the universe and I will have your back…..

I dare you to unleash your soul and raise your vibration.….Be bold…Be authentic..Be courageous…But above everything else……Please…….Be yourself….Your wellness journey begins when you release and let go……….

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Blessings upon you ~

Lady M




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