Are you Soulful or So Full


When is enough really enough? What is your breaking point? What truly will get you to snap out of your very layered and very hard shell? Are you just a ticking time bomb? Are you finally ready to take control of your life? These simple questions can be your guide to truly unleash your soul forever.

What are you really waiting for in your life? Do you think that someone or something is just going to appear and tap you on the shoulder and say “Hello… This is it.. It’s time. I’m the sign that you have been waiting for.” Do you wonder when that magical tap on your shoulder will ever come? Do you think that you missed the tap because perhaps you were too busy doing other “stuff” to feel the tap and what if the other “stuff” your busy doing is not even about you but other people’s stuff? When will you put the brakes on and bail out before you crash?

These are all very interesting questions that I wish you would begin to ask yourself so that you can really take a hard look and examine. What is that you are either searching for or waiting for to come into your life before you can be yourself. Do you know why you are here? Do you know what it is that you agreed to do in this lifetime? Do you even know what you like and what you hate? I mean what do you want in your life and out of your life; yes YOU not your friends or family. Not what you think your supposed to be or do but what you feel in your heart… What is the role that you came here at this particular time in this lifetime to play? Do you have any idea at all?

First and foremost you do NOT have to know all the answers… your life is after all a “journey” and it is meant to be lived. You may have already mastered many things but still are not feeling any of them.. It is a process and if you had the answers when you were 5 years old then bravo to you but the rest of us need to ease into getting there. Some people would like to navigate and test many waters but at some point and time you still need to get out of the boat…and yes perhaps others will blindly continue to stroll thru life doing as they think they should because they have been told to do A,B,C and D but that’s not for anyone who is here to LIVE and thrive vs just survive. Because one of my earlier questions to you was; “When is enough really enough?” You were meant to live a happy and joyous life and not suffer. It’s time to shed the theory that has been embedded in you that life is meant to be a struggle. It isn’t and you are meant to SHINE your brightest light and thrive not just survive. So shed the layers and open yourself up to recieve all the gifts that await you when you trust yourself.

You cannot stay on autopilot forever pretending to be happy doing what everyone else wants you to do. Otherwise your are just taking up space and not really serving your higher purpose. There comes a time when you need to get to it and realize that NOW is the time. You don’t have to wait… life is passing you by in the meantime. You need to just open your parachute and LEAP and I promise you that the Universe will catch you when you begin to trust and believe in yourself.  All healing begins the moment you choose to trust the process and yourself and let things go. 

You are the answer that you are searching for…. We are all what we are searchin for. So fine… what is this ghibberish that I am talking about you say?  When we are able to pull back all the layers of “stuff” that we have wrapped ourselves up in because we have been taught that we need to protect ourselves. (Protect ourselves from ourselves really)  It is then that we can truly learn who we are and recognize ourselves. When you stand tall in your own LIGHT and learn to connect with your own core being; then it is indeed the time to open your parachute and LEAP into our own life as we discover our gifts. You just need to learn to trust yourself and stop relying on external forces to discourage what you already know about yourself.

You are phenomenal and just need to share your true self with the world. When you are willing to get totally naked with your own existence and discover who you truly are by being honest with yourself; it is at that moment and time when you can truly begin to fly. Stop hiding in the dark, come out into the light and rise to your own calling. You are all here to shine your beautiful lights and you need to come out of hiding.

So are you really just “so FULL” of being what everyone wants you to be so they can live their lives happily. Or are you ready to step into your own finally and be “SOULFUL”. I believe in you and I know you have the courage to take all the steps that you need to remove the many layers to let your beautiful soul shine. Come on. I dare you to SHINE in your own light… The world is waiting for you! Come on out and unleash your soul!

You are a beautiful and gifted soul and the Universe needs you out in the open to spread your light and share your gifts with us!

So talk to me. Does any of this resonate wth you? Time is of the essence…your life is calling you and so am I… Let’s go.. Snap out of it! It’s time to Unleash your Soul! 

Wishing you love and light

Lady M

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