Giving up too soon on yourself

Never give up!

Never give up!

There are many times in our lives when you may have considered throwing the towel in on your goals and giving up on yourself.

It is truly at that moment when you most definitely should NOT give up.  You can either RISE to the occassion and believe that the universe is in full support of you and always will be. Or you can chime into all the racket in your head that those nay sayers are hoping you will do and give up.  You are made of much more resilient stock than you would ever imagine. O.k. so you don’t know all the answers right now. SO what? You are the authority of your own life and can take control of it at any given moment.  The moment that you allow all of those voices to lead you through your life then you have given up your power to be the starring role in your book of life.

Take your power back and listen to your own voices and get things done the only way that you need to by listening to yourself. You and only you are the authorty on YOU.  You are the best candidate for the job! You are the lead character in your play of life.

It is during those moments that you need to say to yourself” “I can do this!” “I got this.” when you conintue to affirm everything in the positive and continue to let yourself spread your wings and then you will FLY. Life is not meant to be a struggle it is all up to you… You just need a little guidance along the way.  Here is the big secret which is not a secret at all.  Everyone needs guidance and support 🙂  All those people who you “wish” you could be like and think are so much more fabulous than you are… They all seek guidance and get that extra push one way or another….That’s why they are so successful.  Find your TRIBE and brush yourself off and dig your heels in and get ready to do the work that you are here to do!  Don’t worry the UNIVERSE and myself are here to support your efforts.

Take the first steps by getting to know who YOU really are and removing all those blockages with reiki. Let the beautiful touch of reiki energy ignite your mind, body and soul and release all the negativity!  You are fabulous, You are SPECTACULAR! There is only one YOU!  You are better than good because you are amazing and there is no one like you.  Stop hiding and step into your LIFE… Now is the TIME to get to know you… I am here to help you on your wellness journey and bring you back to your true authentic self.

I dare you to believe in YOU.. I choose you and will partner with you.  I won’t let you quit on yourself.  Take the first tiny step and book a session in the reiki clinic and get a small dose of what you have been missing.  Your life is waiting for you to take the first step. Fear is not your friend…..your friend is the Universe and it is right here waiting to connect with you… Just listen to yourself!! Can you hear it….

I am wishing each and every one of you a beautiful Memorial Day and reminding you to take your power back on this historical day in our history.  Blessings of love and light to all those who have made sacrifices so that we can be here today. So make it happen in honor of so many others……What are you waiting for 🙂 Happy Memorial Day 🙂



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