You have already made the first step by landing on my website…..Now I empower you to take the next step to living your life in joy!

I cannot help you if I don’t know you are in need of assistance. I would be honored to partner with you on your wellness journey.

You will soon discover what many others of us already know….That reiki is truly a beatuiful and natural facilitator of healing and restoring your mind, body and soul! It can be the catalyst to get you back on track. Let’s work together and bring you back to wellness with the touch of reiki.

Are you looking for clarity and releasing old patterns, need guidance to navigate through your life?Maybe a fresh perspective on achieving your goals by discovering what is holding you back. Tired of repeating the same cycles and want to release baggage for good. Then let’s connect and discover how to bring joy back into your life in intuitive coaching sessions. 

To schedule a reiki session, attend reiki clinic, schedule an intuitive coaching session, receive more information or get connected with the CIRCLE OF HEALING kindly contact me and we can get started. Both the Universe and myself are waiting to assist you with arms extended when you are ready. 🙂 Until then have an amazing day.. Namaste or 781-228-1915 




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