Circle of Healing


I am now offering a new way of providing healing to clients that are interested in regular sessions from the comfort of their own homes.  I see the need for my clients to receive healing on a regular basis when they cannot make it in for a session.  We all have very hectic schedules but that should not prevent you from receiving the healing that you need or staying on track with your wellness journey. Reiki is the perfect way for you to keep balanced in your life.  I know personally that Reiki allows me to maintain my balance which is I practice daily self reiki.  I know that is the key to the balance in my life.  Things just don’t get me that upset and I remain pretty even keeled.

I would like you to be able to experience the same regular state of peace that I enjoy.  By becoming a member of the CIRCLE of HEALING you will enjoy two (30) minute long distance sessions from me a month.  This service is open to everyone no matter where you are located.  I will be send healing to all that have signed up each month at a previously scheduled time. The sessions are a half hour but because the energy is being sent to you vs in person the energy is even stronger. Read about DISTANCE HEALING on my WORK WITH ME page. When you receive reiki on a regular basis you will soon expereine a shift in your overall wellbeing.

The Cirlce of Healing is FREE  for those who are commited to their healing journey and would like to experience the beneifits of what reiki has to offer. The registration shows your commitment to your own wellness journey.  Contact me now to get REGISTERED and then I can share the finer details of when/how the bi-weekly sessions take place.  I look forward to working with you in the CIRCLE OF HEALING.  So please become a member of Lady M’s Tribe of Healing. Your Mind, Body and Soul are waiting for balance……See you in the Community of the Circle of Healing. ~~ Blessings to you~~



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